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Wilmington GP - Pro Droppage

May 22nd
Wilmington, Delaware
Droppage Was In Full Effect

Bicycle riders of serious pedigree were off the back...in a spot of bother...DNFing like it was the business. 100 starters. 44 finishers. 66 got dropped. Ouch. That's fast.

Jim Wilson is our hero. A picture normally says 1,000 words. This says much more.

Two Johns - One Shirt

Word up to the Two Johns Podcast for representing YGD at the races in Ohio. We are big fans of the podcast so it feels good that they are fans of ours. Get your smug on!

Poolesville Droppage - Better Late Than Never




Thanks to new photog on the scene, Cadence and Cogs for capturing the carnage.

Douchebag of the Week #2 - Floyd Landis

Thanks you Floyd!! We were running out of material. Now we'll have stuff for the rest of the month.

Reason #1 Floyd is a Super Douche.

Floyd Fairness Fund

YGD Jerseys? Check, check it check it out

YGD has collaborated with Rage Cycling from Santa Barbara, California to bring you the ultimate jersey for your group ride. Just make sure you have the legs to back it up, homie.

Jerseys will be dropping Summer 2010...soon We'll keep you posted for sure. In the meantime, drop us photos of you guys in the tee shirts. Is Jared the only one that can drop into a park, find a bikini clad female minding her own business, and get her to pose with him wearing a super fresh YGD Tee Shirt? So far, he's the only entry. We don't want him to win. He owns a bike shop. He already gets stuff for free. (yes, we overused the word drop here. we know). Hell, Lance is sitting on two of these shirts and we still haven't seen him with a raccoon, possum, or bobcat or any of his other furry friends.

Next post will REALLY be about somebody getting dropped.

Get Yo Ass Upgraded - Alex Wieler

Where the hell did this kid come from? Where ever it was, it must be the land of fast because of the three MABRA Cat 3 races we have noted him in, he's won, placed 2nd, and won. Not sure if that's enough for an upgrade but we assume he had points before this or he'll get them soon. Also not sure if the upgrade request is in. Either way, Alex Wieler, Get Yo Ass Upgraded.

2nd Ft. Ritchie

1st - Murad RR
1st Leonardtown Crit

Now...let's go find some droppage pics. It's getting too cozy in here.

Douchebag of the Week - Tacky Teenagers

What would we have done if we crashed out because of these things? We would have found the guys that threw these things on the ground and beat the living crap out of them. Maybe that's why none of us are politicians or a teacher or something wholesome, like a priest.

For you non MABRAites out there. We had a little incident at one of our races with some local yocals threw out some of these nice little carpet tacks on the corners of a superfast crit course. What is wrong with people? Word on the street is there is a pending investigation. No posse needed.

Check out helmet cam footage here. Most MABRAites have already seen this. These guys went down pretty effing hard because of some jacked up actions of some idiots who think crashing grown men on expensive bikes is funny. YGD did notice some suspicious, cackling group of teens hanging out near that corner for most of the day. Dumb ditty dumb dumb dumb.

Getting Caught by Women

The following video was sent by a fan...in Washington state no less.

We don't know. After getting dropped, we wouldn't mind sitting in on a women's peloton. We imagine you can find a few beauts to look to get you through being dropped. Still, shameful bro. Not impressing any of them, however.

---------(excerpt from email)

So if you watch
this video starting at 1:11 it looks like this guy is dropping the field, but wait, there is a little surprise waiting....

It turns out this guy was dropped from the masters race and is being caught by the women's cat 4 field that started five minutes behind him.

Michelob Ultra Grand Prix Cat 4 Women 2010 Glenwood, Washington from RideITLikeUstoleIT on Vimeo.

Utah Droppage - We're Nationwide

Through the power of the interweb, we have discovered that people are tuning in. We have analytics and all that stuff..but the power is in the t-shirt! We've shipped to North Carolina, South Carolina, FloRida, Louisiana, California, Oregon, and even Japan...twice. But we have never sent our famous black tee to Orin Hatch country, the Beehive State, land of Joe Smith, The Utes...UTAH!

We'd like to thank this droppee who goes by the name 'Lozy.' Lozy sent us in a photo of his droppage feat all the way from Utah, the land of milk and honey where he managed to get dropped in the Antelope Island Road Race in classic conditions.

Good luck drowning your sorrows at the bar. The beer is only 2.5% alcohol. Let's hope he has multiple wives. On second thought, we redact that last statement.

PA Droppage - Now on MD Soil

We are always intrigued by out of area competition. We noticed a lot of DNFs from a certain team from PA. Just sayin'

The Other Mike - "I got all BRILF'ed Up!"

wE haVe MaD PHOToShop Skillz!!!

During implosion. "Houston, we have a problem."

Michael Flanagan - Get Yo Ass Upgraded!

We understand the request is in but is in the "holding process." Maybe this performance at Fort Ritchie's Cat 3 race was the push that an upgrade coordinator needs. Are Irish eyes are smiling for Michael Flanagan?

"This way to Cat 2?"

"Oh, I have to pull these fools around and then drop them first? Ok."

"I'm bored but I think I can make this look good. "

"I can't wait to race with Chuckles and Ruggles in a few hours."

The Perfect Storm

A technical crit course
Windy conditions
Half a dozen photographers

We will have several posts this week.

Tuesday Night Ride - Dike Mavis

there once was a fast guy on a bike
let's call this 'fictitious' person mike
he downgraded to race
so he could try to save face
and now rides like he's on a trike

he went on a tuesday night ride
only so he could show his pride
he lined up with the rest
to show everybody his best
but all he did was GET DROPPED!

Turkey Hill Country Droppage

ast week it was Anthony Skorchod from PA. This week, Joe Mallis produces some high quality images that we can simply slide right in and move along with.

The Turkey Hill Country Classic is one of the best races in the Mid-Atlantic. Not only is the course selective with the inclusion of 'The Gamber Wall', there is free ice cream, hot dogs, and other post race recovery food for racers and spectators.

This fellow was on his way UP the Gamber Wall. It's events like this that remind us that push ups are very important during the off season.

And here we are with some run of the mill droppage. First of all a skin suit?. In a road race? Negative style points for this, especially with 85 degree temps. Negative functionality points as well. We will offset this with his inclusion of Hincapie leg veins. Anyway, if you look at this photo by itself, there really isn't anything to it. In fact, it's quite the awesome. If one were this rider, one might download this and hang it on the fridge.

However, keep on clicking through.

Paperboy Style! Homeskillet's bike is almost perpendicular to the yellow line. Ultra severe hurting droppage alert.

Give me one moment in time....

The saying 'a picture tells a thousand words' has been around a very very long time. It's never more fitting than when somebody sends us their own photo of droppage.

So much to take in here. Two riders, both dropped. We wonder what is going through their minds at this precise moment? How many more laps to go? What race is this? Spectators in the background show no emotion for these riders. Most are engulfed in their own conversations as if these riders, and the race, simply do not matter.

Christian Williams sends us this one via Twitter from his race at the Bunny Hop Criterium. He's the rider in the blue, head held low. He can hang his head high today because he's on You Got Dropped. Hats off to CW for sending this all in and having a great attitude. If eating humble pie was so easy for everybody. Also check out his full YGD inspired blog post.

and the video...

Now..we gotta get back to calling people out....lots of photos to sift through.