Turkey Hill Country Droppage

ast week it was Anthony Skorchod from PA. This week, Joe Mallis produces some high quality images that we can simply slide right in and move along with.

The Turkey Hill Country Classic is one of the best races in the Mid-Atlantic. Not only is the course selective with the inclusion of 'The Gamber Wall', there is free ice cream, hot dogs, and other post race recovery food for racers and spectators.

This fellow was on his way UP the Gamber Wall. It's events like this that remind us that push ups are very important during the off season.

And here we are with some run of the mill droppage. First of all a skin suit?. In a road race? Negative style points for this, especially with 85 degree temps. Negative functionality points as well. We will offset this with his inclusion of Hincapie leg veins. Anyway, if you look at this photo by itself, there really isn't anything to it. In fact, it's quite the awesome. If one were this rider, one might download this and hang it on the fridge.

However, keep on clicking through.

Paperboy Style! Homeskillet's bike is almost perpendicular to the yellow line. Ultra severe hurting droppage alert.