YGD Jerseys? Check, check it check it out

YGD has collaborated with Rage Cycling from Santa Barbara, California to bring you the ultimate jersey for your group ride. Just make sure you have the legs to back it up, homie.

Jerseys will be dropping Summer 2010...soon We'll keep you posted for sure. In the meantime, drop us photos of you guys in the tee shirts. Is Jared the only one that can drop into a park, find a bikini clad female minding her own business, and get her to pose with him wearing a super fresh YGD Tee Shirt? So far, he's the only entry. We don't want him to win. He owns a bike shop. He already gets stuff for free. (yes, we overused the word drop here. we know). Hell, Lance is sitting on two of these shirts and we still haven't seen him with a raccoon, possum, or bobcat or any of his other furry friends.

Next post will REALLY be about somebody getting dropped.