Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Give me one moment in time....

The saying 'a picture tells a thousand words' has been around a very very long time. It's never more fitting than when somebody sends us their own photo of droppage.

So much to take in here. Two riders, both dropped. We wonder what is going through their minds at this precise moment? How many more laps to go? What race is this? Spectators in the background show no emotion for these riders. Most are engulfed in their own conversations as if these riders, and the race, simply do not matter.

Christian Williams sends us this one via Twitter from his race at the Bunny Hop Criterium. He's the rider in the blue, head held low. He can hang his head high today because he's on You Got Dropped. Hats off to CW for sending this all in and having a great attitude. If eating humble pie was so easy for everybody. Also check out his full YGD inspired blog post.

and the video...

Now..we gotta get back to calling people out....lots of photos to sift through.
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