Monday, May 24, 2010

Wilmington GP - Pro Droppage

May 22nd
Wilmington, Delaware
Droppage Was In Full Effect

Bicycle riders of serious pedigree were off the a spot of bother...DNFing like it was the business. 100 starters. 44 finishers. 66 got dropped. Ouch. That's fast.

Jim Wilson is our hero. A picture normally says 1,000 words. This says much more.


Chuck Wagon said...

Your math isn't really saying 1000 words right now. 100 starters minus 44 finishers = double check your subtraction.

I'll see you right here in a week, in the Tucker County droppage files.

dropped said...

never been too good at math. usually get away with looks and a sharp wit, neither which i've displayed today. for the record, 56. 56 raging bike nerds DNF'ed. ah aha ha..i love to count!!

Isaac Howe said...

I crashed Homey! On my way to the pit..... throw me a bone lol