Welcome to You Got Dropped.

Hey..we've all been dropped before..some more than others. I was sitting at my computer one day looking at pictures of racers who got dropped in a race who just took themselves way too seriously. I knew some of these guys so I called one of them up and said "you got dropped!" A few clicks of the mouse and a domain registration buy, YouGotDropped.com was born.

You Got Dropped was formed in 2010 as a blog site. We had a lot of fun showcasing droppage in local road races around the Mid-Atlantic region all the while having a little fun. We'd poke a little fun at those that got dropped or maybe were just taking themselves a little too seriously at a bike race. Oh, we like to come down hard on the dopers too and just generally anybody else who is generally being redonk.

Guys, it's supposed to be fun!

 Of course, we started to sell a tee shirt. One shirt. The next thing we knew, our shirts were being shipped all over the world. We have shipped to Europe, South America, New Zealand and we are huge in Japan!

 Fast forward to now. We have expanded our shirt lineup to what you see today. We continue to grow organically (just like our cotton in our shirts) and sell what we think are really great cycling related designs on high quality cotton tee shirts. Every once in awhile, if we get the itch, we'll post on the blog on whatever is on our mind.

 Thank you for visiting our site and please stay tuned and contact us if you have concepts for designs or the blog!