Utah Droppage - We're Nationwide

Through the power of the interweb, we have discovered that people are tuning in. We have analytics and all that stuff..but the power is in the t-shirt! We've shipped to North Carolina, South Carolina, FloRida, Louisiana, California, Oregon, and even Japan...twice. But we have never sent our famous black tee to Orin Hatch country, the Beehive State, land of Joe Smith, The Utes...UTAH!

We'd like to thank this droppee who goes by the name 'Lozy.' Lozy sent us in a photo of his droppage feat all the way from Utah, the land of milk and honey where he managed to get dropped in the Antelope Island Road Race in classic conditions.

Good luck drowning your sorrows at the bar. The beer is only 2.5% alcohol. Let's hope he has multiple wives. On second thought, we redact that last statement.