MABRA's Chuck Hutch Drops Bahamas

It has been reported that YGD fan Chuck Hutch put the drop on the field during early early early season Tour of Bahamas and won the whole dang thing.

We thought it was interesting/funny/awesome that he's still wearing the YGD Classic tee!

*pics stolen off the XO Communications/Battley Harley Davidson Facebook Page. Go be a fan.

The Season is Here...for a few

A few MABRAinians are making the voyage to Tour of the Bahamas this weekend racing? Jared Nieters has been annoying his Facebook fans with mentions of how balmy the weather is and posting pics of one of his companions for the trip. Surprise, it's Chuck Hutch. 

Chuck looks cold. Maybe a pullover YGD in the future? Hmmmmm....

Good luck to the Harleymarket XO threesome this weekend (Hutch, Nieters, Sacawa). By the way, do these guys EVER take a break?  Curtis Windsor also looks to be getting in on the suntan action. We'll look for some droppage this weekend given out by the crew. If anybody comes across TOB droppage pics, send them our way. We aren't counting on anything though. 

One the Cat 3 end of things, we see that Bike Doctor's dentist, Todd Bickling is joined by ABRT's Mark Lahuec (sounds French) where they are both guaranteed a top 13. Guess whose bike this is? (hint...all dentists have to own Cervelo's according to Maryland dental laws). 
I like the rainbow colors and the juxtaposition of the black bike and blue water. 

This Week in Pro Cycling!

Floyd Landis retired.
Floyd, I don't know what to think about you. On one hand, you cheated your ass off. On the other, I'd cheat too if Lance kept on jizzing on me year after year.

Then you went and spent all your winnings on that sweet chincilla coat, leaving you no funds to lawyer you started this Free Floyd Fund, another total lie.

Enjoy retirement, Floyd.

Read the SI article (below) to learn why Landis isn't planning on pulling espresso at Starbucks anytime soon. Hint: Government whistleblower kickback for ratting out all his boys.

Lance Armstrong in Sports Illustrated
Blah blah blah..blah blah blah. More direct evidence to assume Lancalot is finally going to get popped. What's that you say? This time is for realz? You bet your sweet Sheryl Crow oversize sunglasses it is. The United States Gubmint is cracking the whip. Why are the US Feds getting involved? Fraud!!! Millions of Americans were led to believe Lance wasn't doped to the gills during his tenure with the Postal Service, a bona fide government agency.

It even gets more complicated than that. The SI story is finally a story about cycling and doping worth reading. The sport isn't short of these either. The biggest thing I got out of the whole SI article is that the Bears are heading to the NFC East Championship Game (the cover of SI that week) and that Lance and almost everybody else in cycling during that time period was juicing more than Jack Lalanne.

Never taken a single PED. Seriously.

Contador to face 1 year Suspension..Maybe
So it looks like we'll see by this Thursday if Contador will face a one year suspension. If that happens, will tour organizers revoke his 2010 Tour de France victory? Will the drama of CHAINGATE be for naught?

Thoughts on this chick in the yellow swimsuit besides awesome tanlines.

There is so much more going on right now..I can't keep up. Maybe this means more postings?

Caption Contest - Winter Announcement Euro Pillow Sponsor Version

Caption Contest - So many things to say. Comments...PLEASE!!!

Haymarket Stories - We want them!!

Jared over at Haymarket Bicycles has put his energy into organizing the now infamous Haymarket Winter Bike League race/ride series.  Go to the Facebook page here to learn more about the 4 part series, hear stories, and see photos of guys like Jeff Trinh and John Cutler show off their grit face after the inaugural event this past Sunday.

The guys at Cutaway Clothing also put together some pretty sweet t shirts and hoodies to commemorate the event. Buy that stuff here.

You Got Dropped is happy to support this event with a handful of door prizes. We hope you like them and we wish we could do more.

In the meantime, go to the Facebook page and share your stories...If you got/get dropped, feel free to share them here either in the comment section here or email them. This is a safe place. Promise.

The next Haymarket Winter Bike League event is this Sunday, January 9th.