Haymarket Stories - We want them!!

Jared over at Haymarket Bicycles has put his energy into organizing the now infamous Haymarket Winter Bike League race/ride series.  Go to the Facebook page here to learn more about the 4 part series, hear stories, and see photos of guys like Jeff Trinh and John Cutler show off their grit face after the inaugural event this past Sunday.

The guys at Cutaway Clothing also put together some pretty sweet t shirts and hoodies to commemorate the event. Buy that stuff here.

You Got Dropped is happy to support this event with a handful of door prizes. We hope you like them and we wish we could do more.

In the meantime, go to the Facebook page and share your stories...If you got/get dropped, feel free to share them here either in the comment section here or email them. This is a safe place. Promise.

The next Haymarket Winter Bike League event is this Sunday, January 9th.