The Season is Here...for a few

A few MABRAinians are making the voyage to Tour of the Bahamas this weekend racing? Jared Nieters has been annoying his Facebook fans with mentions of how balmy the weather is and posting pics of one of his companions for the trip. Surprise, it's Chuck Hutch. 

Chuck looks cold. Maybe a pullover YGD in the future? Hmmmmm....

Good luck to the Harleymarket XO threesome this weekend (Hutch, Nieters, Sacawa). By the way, do these guys EVER take a break?  Curtis Windsor also looks to be getting in on the suntan action. We'll look for some droppage this weekend given out by the crew. If anybody comes across TOB droppage pics, send them our way. We aren't counting on anything though. 

One the Cat 3 end of things, we see that Bike Doctor's dentist, Todd Bickling is joined by ABRT's Mark Lahuec (sounds French) where they are both guaranteed a top 13. Guess whose bike this is? (hint...all dentists have to own Cervelo's according to Maryland dental laws). 
I like the rainbow colors and the juxtaposition of the black bike and blue water.