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Just for bragging rights. Another Jim Wilson goodie. This one has SO MUCH POTENTIAL. make us proud kiddies.

Oh the horror!

the Muscle and Ken's Johnson of Battley Harley Davidson missed their start time for the team time trial during stage two of Tour of Ephrata this past weekend. Their whereabouts were unknown but team management almost put this hot couple into those awful new Harley kits for the uphill painfest.  Maybe the Muscle will bless us with a cartoon of the conversation him and Johnson had while warming up before the stage. (i do ghost writing if you need help muscle). 

Photo Linc Brooke.

By the way...if anybody has photos of the Harley pair prior to the TTT, inquiring minds would like to see.

Back to the action OR Back to the non-action

Chris Brianas of NCVC - dropped from Ephrata Stage 3. Good work to Jim Wilson for snagging this shot. A picture tells a thousand words. In this case, it tells a thousand excuses

waiting for droppage....






if you know of dropped photos that we are missing, please send us links

The Best of 2008

While we are waiting for new images to file in, the yougotdropped staff has been scouring our databases for images from 2008. If you have an image you think would be good for yougotdropped, please send us an email.

Here we go: just a couple of selections to wet your appetite. There is more. A lot more. 

Wade Jennings - NCVC - 2008 Southern Maryland Crit

"Something appears wrong with my cleats" 

"Better take off my rear wheel and carry it to my car then"

We have no clue who this guy is but he must have known yougotdropped was just a matter of time. RFK Crit 1/2/3 Race. How the hell do you get dropped in this race by the way? Didn't Jesse do this same pose at Walkersville?

All Star Hains Point Droppage

Here they come...some of the Hains Point regulars. 

"this way guys! Trust me, I'm on Harley! Don't believe me? Look at my team bike!"

And there they go. Like they were never in the race at all.

The one thing all these 'Pointers' can say is that they beat Chuck Hutch, the all time HP regular ball breaker. 

Route 1 Velo Attempts Solo the back

Le Amateur Domestique takes a nice stab at himself using Susan Estes images to illustrate his droppage. No shame. That was tough. Good work beating us to the punch.

One Day's Drop is Another Day's Win

Why do we go out and beat ourselves up day after day? Why do we take so much abuse in the hands of others? Why do we suit up for a race against the very same people who just whooped up on us? Is it because we know, deep down inside, that there is a chance of another day. And that day may yield very different results.

igotdropped doesn't know the whole story of why Todd Hipp is on the side of the road at Walkersville. It could be anything (including the end of the race?) What we DO know is that he came back the very next day and won The Tysons Corner Circut Race.

Nice job.

Blue Steel meets Deer in Headlights at Walkersville

One must give credit to Tony Abate of The Bike Rack Cycling Team of DC. He sent the yougotdropped headquarters an email bringing attention to his own self pity. Not only did Tony get the big drop, he found the camera lens and gave his best Derick Zoolander for Amy Jones.

For that, we raise a glass of the good stuff, Tony. That's the way it's done.

Monday Morning Excuses

Tired of reading everybody's blogs about how they got this place and that place or how they drove the field for countless miles and secured a podium spot? If you are, then you've come to the right spot.

While we are all waiting for the photos to come in from around the interblogospherelistserves, we want to introduce a special feature of yougotdropped; Monday Morning Excuses.

This is designed for those of you that got dropped but don't know if it was encapsulated on digital film yet for all interwebbers to view. Therefore, we want to give you, the dropped bike racer, the opportunity to share your story with everybody before we have you all to ourselves. 

So...have at it and prepare for droppage.

(this should be good thanks to the walkersville 30mph winds)


although ray wins for looking pro and having more hair on his chest than meidoff has all over his body, HE GOT DROPPED.  Nice bike, Ray.

Pete Custer - Dropped but loving it.


More Jeff Cup - A Scot and a Sweede

they drink together, they train together, they get dropped together. Photo: Jim Wilson