The Best of 2008

While we are waiting for new images to file in, the yougotdropped staff has been scouring our databases for images from 2008. If you have an image you think would be good for yougotdropped, please send us an email.

Here we go: just a couple of selections to wet your appetite. There is more. A lot more. 

Wade Jennings - NCVC - 2008 Southern Maryland Crit

"Something appears wrong with my cleats" 

"Better take off my rear wheel and carry it to my car then"

We have no clue who this guy is but he must have known yougotdropped was just a matter of time. RFK Crit 1/2/3 Race. How the hell do you get dropped in this race by the way? Didn't Jesse do this same pose at Walkersville?