Race Smart?

All American Road Race, Cat.3/4 Masters 35+
April 21, 2012

CAPTION CONTEST.. bombs away.

..sent in by a 'fan.'

Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2012 – How The Race Was Won

Didn't have time to watch Liege-Bastongne-Liege this past weekend? With your schedule of bike races, work, home improvement, lazer hair removal surgery, guitar hero, leg lotion application (you know who you are), and watching the kids, life can get kind of crazy. That is, of course you are one of those annoying HTC kids who all they do is ride all day and play xbox at night. 

 I sat down yesterday and tried to watch Liege-Bastonge-Liege in its entirety after missing out this weekend. DVR 87% full!! I have some work to do here! Within minutes, I'm off the couch with a neighbor at the door asking for a ladder. That moment created a butterfly effect of epic proportions snowballing my evening in front of the tube. I wasn't even able to watch RGIII get drafted in real time. Is this America anymore?? 

 Anyway, knowing I might never watch the Liege race in its entirety, I remembered seeing these 'How the Race Was Won' vids on Cyclocosm and tuned in. Bam...5 minutes later..I feel up to date on how it played out, got some snarky comments that I think my readers would enjoy, and saved myself about 3 hours. Hommes does this almost every week. Check it out.


 Not getting paid or promoted by Cyclocosm..just a time saver tip I thought I'd pass on so you can concentrate on training and recovery instead of wasting all your time watching pro bike races all the time. 

Next up..infographics. If you do anything remotely related to education, media affairs, or cow farming, you probably have come across an infographic or two. Graphic design and media relations companies are now developing infographics for clients to quickly show why X in important, cool, or whatever. There have been a few targeted for the potential cyclist. This one grabbed my attention. 

Lastly...if you could only have one... Cervelo or the chick?

Due to high demand, new socks will be ready in June/July. See? I do more than just  make fun of you!

We're Huge in Japan..

The gospel is spreading worldwide. Thanks to these fellows in New Zealand for supporting You Got Dropped. Big shout out to Velo Espresso and all the kiwis working hard to avoid droppage in Hamilton, New Z. 

And yes...we've sent t's to Japan too!

Salisbury Steak - Well Done

Salisbury Road Race - 2012. 

Sobe - A year in review..so far!

The MABRA Champion Jersey wears heavy.

We like to break balls. Sobe finished 2nd in the Masters race in a two-man break with another one of his teammates earlier in the day. But this is priceless.

Deep Thoughts...by Jose

At Black Hills Circuit Race

Public Service Announcement - Pull Out

Folks...if you get dropped in a race where there are 3 races happening simultaneously, consider a DNF...

or something beautiful might happen and be captured on digital film such as this masterpiece below:

Yes..this is the field sprint during the Cat 3/4 race at Jefferson Cup. However, the rider in the forefront of the image was in the Masters race.  Not sure if he got dropped or crashed (his shifter is bent), but he sure looks like he's still giving it a go..and even has the where with all to stop his wristwatch across the line. 

Minor issue with this image. This master racer shouldn't be in the image at all. As soon as the moto passed him, GET THE EFF OUT OF THE WAY!! Glad you all pay that USA Cycling insurance fees in your entries. It's for shit like this. Everybody is just lucky that a crash of epic proportions didn't occur. 

Seriously, USA Cycling seems to be getting in the game of making sure people's feelings don't get hurt and letting riders continue on even when they get the Big Dropowski. This isn't Little League where everybody needs to play an inning or two. 

PULL RIDERS!! PLEASE. Furthermore..DON'T SCORE THEM IF THEY DON'T FINISH and nobody will have the incentive to finish a race if they get the ol' drop. 


Tidewater Droppage. Drop early and often my friends

Proof that even fast guys even get the momentary lapse of droppage.

Dan Netzer and Frank Cundiff of Celerity dropped at the start of the William & Mary Tidewater Classic A race due to an ill-timed wheel change. Make sure you watch all the way for the droppage.

 They sent this in so I felt compelled to post but on a scale of 1-10 of droppage, this is maybe a 3. Still, folks..this is a good example of what we are looking for here at YGD. If, perhaps, they never got back on and were dropped as a result of lack of fitness, this would be perfect. 

Keep the reader submissions coming. Content is a good thing. 

Jeff Cup - Droppage from the back

We'll be here all week folks..thank you. Photo courtesy BikeWorks Racing.