Monday, July 9, 2012

Tanline Contest Open

Hains Point Thigh High

 Virginia Ginger

Emergency Room Tan

Altitude Tannage

 Watch Tan

 Mod Tan

 Andrew Steele
These tanlines are impressive. Old YGD is a fairskinned fellow and usually when July rolls through, he gets a leg tanline for about a week...then it's gone. So..thanks everybody for sending in your pics. We couldn't get them all up but have chosen a select few that we deem YGD worthy.

We'll keep the poll up for a week and announce the winner shortly after. Remember a YGD Pint Glass in on the line. BIG MONEY!! In the meantime, work on your calf tanlines with the brand new You Got Dropped 5 inch cuffed crew sock which just dropped in our store (upper right hand of this page) now. They look like dis:


Anonymous said...

It has to go to Virigina Ginger for being bold enough to nearly give the Full Monty (and don't think he didn't think about it!).

Anonymous said...

Um, has to go for the woman because....she's a woman and who doesn't like a woman with tanlines?

Virginia Ginger makes me want to carve my eyes out (WAY too much skin dude...)

Anonymous said...

Altitude's are serious, but all i can think about is pending skin cancer. Maybe YGD should put the first $5 into his Kickstarter skin cancer fund.

Anonymous said...

I think the Virginia Ginger is damn sexy!