Tanline Contest Open

Hains Point Thigh High

 Virginia Ginger

Emergency Room Tan

Altitude Tannage

 Watch Tan

 Mod Tan

 Andrew Steele
These tanlines are impressive. Old YGD is a fairskinned fellow and usually when July rolls through, he gets a leg tanline for about a week...then it's gone. So..thanks everybody for sending in your pics. We couldn't get them all up but have chosen a select few that we deem YGD worthy.

We'll keep the poll up for a week and announce the winner shortly after. Remember a YGD Pint Glass in on the line. BIG MONEY!! In the meantime, work on your calf tanlines with the brand new You Got Dropped 5 inch cuffed crew sock which just dropped in our store (upper right hand of this page) now. They look like dis: