YGD #tannage #doping #donate

Yikes! It's been a couple weeks since an update. A lot happening. Dudes are getting busted at Gran Fondos, Dudes are dropping like flies at Giro and Lost River. Dudes are more burned out from racing than Shaggy is after an all night mystery caper.

Wanted to drop a line and award the Hains Point Thigh High the coveted YGD Pint Glass for his dominant display of tannage. I know who you are...but don't have your address. Send it over to me and I'll get this out ASAP.

I don't want to beat a dead horse about David Anthony, the guy that got busted with EPO in his veins at Grand Fondo NYC, but I think this is his Facebook page.  Make sure you stop by there and give him some words of 'support.'

I also want to make sure my readers are aware of a local campaign to raise funds for local drug controls at Mid-Atlantic Racing. Please make sure you stop by and check out what John is doing. Basically, he is trying to raise funds to have a local anti-doping control at at least one local race in 2013 and will soon be in the fundraising mode.You are lucky that an individual has taken this upon himself (because nobody else has).

We don't make a ton of money here selling socks and shirts and whatnot but we would like to start donating at least $1 for every unit sold starting immediately. So..now you can buy from YGD and be snarky and smug at the same time without having to buy a hybrid vehicle. It's not gonna be a lot, but it gonna be something.