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(the following is a conversation YGD had in his head while surfing the ol' internet recently)

Wow..Can't believe it's May already. There's been something like 10 races in MABRAland already. Let's check and see those results and see how everybody is doing.'s i think? Here we goooo... worked but it looks like the url is Whatever...that looks pro as hell..looks like i'm on the homepage..maybe? is this the homepage? 

Ok....Ummmm...looks like results are listed......nowhere? WTF? Ok..wait...maybe under BAR standings? WTF is BAR? I'll click on it anyway. Recent we go. Ah..Poolesville, great! 'view results'. Why is this screen blank? 

Ok..they just must not have updated yet. I'm cool with that. I mean..these people volunteer, right? right?  I'll go back to the home page by clicking the MABRA logo. WTF? I'm back on the BAR page which list the upcoming events but not the BAR standings. Ahhh..MABRA we go. 

Oh sweet, look at the picture of John Whittington from NCVC and Ian Birlem riding for Kelley? Hold on..that was like 2003?  Brian Butts has that Embastita Jersey! SICK! Wait..YGD getting sidetracked. I wonder if there are any other photos from some of those amazing photographers that litter the listserve and gamjams every Monday morning? hmmmmmmm. Nothing. 

Ok...well surely there is a list of who recently got upgraded. Let's celebrate their success! 2011 Annual Meeeting...nope. 2010 Annual Those links wouldn't have that info but i sure am glad that the meeting notes are at the top of the page so I can easily access that. Man..even in my own head I'm a sarcastic asshole. Where was I?

Ah..MABRA BAR Standings. I kind of care about this. Click. I wonder what races have the most points for BAR? I'll click....Rules? Ok..i'm here. I see 2012 MABRA BAR Rules here.'s a pdf. Sigh. Ok..i'll click it. I it!! WHAT THE FRACK!! Nothing works on the god damn website. Maybe they'll have similar rules listed in the 2010 BAR Rules in pdf. Click.'s a Word document? Opened. HOLY SHIT!! This has more track changes than I am comfortable with even at work. I'm out. 

Back on the MABRA homepage. Look, Ramon in Artemis colors at Capital Classic Crit in..2001. Takes me back. Let me click we go. Ah Shane Groth at Poolesville in 1998. SWEET! 

What if I'm a promoter? Maybe this website is built for promoters to get resources so it makes it easy for them to promote an event. I'll just click 'Promoters.' Here we goooo.. Ah..the Change in Riders Age Demographics from 1989-2004. JUST the document I'd be looking for.  Maybe they a manual for first time promoters..or a guide?  Here is a sampling of the current PDFs I can download (only 1/3 of them)

So..the most recent PDF is from 2009 regarding reduced entry?  Not helping me here. Why did I come here in the first place? I can't remember. I'm heading over to pronhub now.