YGD Prognosticates - Poolesville Road Race

If Jefferson Cup is MABRA's first Spring Classic, Poolesville Road Race, with its 1.5 mile flat dirt section and punchy rollers is MABRA's Queen of the Local Classics (trademarked, YGD). 

Many racers don't regard this race 'hard' but with an attrition rate of often 50%, something must be said for the difficulty. Regardless if it's getting a rear flat, getting caught behind somebody with a flat, or getting a front flat, it's a tough race that can take out the strongest of riders (with flats). All week long, you hear guys on group rides and on the ol' facebook talk about their 'setup.' 

Old YGD was taking a look at the 1/2/3 start list and said to him (or her?)self, "this looks like a pretty gosh darn good race." Let the prognostication begin!!!

Remember when ABRT was Snow Valley? Snow who you say? Well..if you don't know, you should check out the MABRA history records on their awesome website. Nevermind, that doesn't exist. 

Battley Harley Davidson/Sonoma Masters Racing Team
Don't confuse these guys with the XO Communications Team. They are not one in the same. They don't all get together and talk pre race and post race strategy before and after races. Really, they don't. Two TOTALLY different teams. 

Bike Doctor pb DigiSource
Where did these guys come from? They are beginning to be more annoying than Harley/XO pb Cisco developed by Sonoma/Mendocino. Look out for Pete Squared here. Custer wins the AA Road Races up the street and Warner stomps on Morgantown? How do I know? They only blog about themselves like every day.

Celerity Cycling pb Brooks Systems
Guys, this isn't a time trial. The three amigos if you will. Three strong riders from what I like to call 'almost Virginia Beach', Va. Watch for one of these guys to straggle on to the winning break. Maybe. 

Clean Currents pb Beyer Kia aka DC VELO
Frick and company was in full force delivering DJ Brew to the line at the Bunny Slop last week..except NIMA had other plans. What can you do? Perhaps the best tactical team in MABRA (I said it) with a FLYING Ryan McKinney. If they aren't in the move of the day, free t shirts for your mom. 

These guys just need a break. They've got the tools and have been knocking on the door all season long for that elite victory. VERY close last week at the hop. Honestly, I'm talking out my ass...i don't know all their results...but damn..this is their home race and they are all riding well. Dark horse fellas.

XO Communications p/b CISCO
Only 9 riders??? Don't expect these guys to telework or provide a webinar on Saturday. They are bringing their hit squad. If Nieters doesn't go in the first break of the day, the world is flat...and he's looking to win. Expect him to claim victory for the state of Vermont. He's the only rider in the peloton who puts maple syrup on his Clif Bars. Of course you have the rest of the team to contend with including an on form Russell The Muscle Langley..which is always scary. The saving grace for the rest of the field is that Adam Squared is staying home. 

YGD Prognostication: It's anybody's race. There will be a nice, solid break with representation from XO, Harley Masters, Bike Doctor, and DC Velo. Every team tent will be saying this of course..If you are on a small team and looking for the win, tag along and sprint yourself to a gravel trophy. If you are NCVC, don't get left out and sent chasing. If you are in any of the other races that day, enjoy yourself and have fun. If you get dropped, check out this site early next week for your photo.