Giro di Droppi

Tough race. No sock sightings. This makes YGD angry. I will strike down upon thee with furious..ahh too cliche. Nevermind. Onto DROPPAGE PICS!!! Thanks Julie Elliott

 Color coordinated droppage

No Talent Ranch Rider

Take note MABRA. Next time you get dropped, give a brother a hand. Kudos to you. Wait..have we seen this before from the same rider? I'll hit you up on Google+. You seem like a guy who I'd want as my friend

 Trio of Drop
Cycle Computer Drop (more on this phenomenon in future post). 

Triple Upgrayed - What does it mean?

Brian Sjoberg
1st - Hagerstown Kick Off Crit
1st - TOWC Crit
2nd - Altoona Crit
5th - Altoona RR
2nd - Tour of Altoona GC
1st - Giro di Coppi
1st - Arsenal Crit

Jason Hall (not at sandbagger status..yet)
1st - TOWC RR
2nd - Giro di Coppi RR
3rd - TOWC Crit
4th - Crystal Cup
6th - Kelley Cup

Brian Rist
1st - Fort Ritche Crit
1st - Leonardtown Crit Cat 3
1st - Leonartown Masters
3rd - Giro di Coppi
6th - Poolesville RR
7th - TOWC RR

photo courtesy of ekoza10

The main culprit here really is Brian Sjoberg, aka Sobe. Rist, after Coppi, can probably start thinking of punching in his upgrade card and Hall has just recently found new successes in road races, although has been consistent this summer. 

However, Sobe has been winning almost every race he enters for a solid month. This guy has crossfitted his way to every podium in the mid-atlantic.

Even his kids think he needs to email Tracey Rankin. (used with permission) sizes now available?!!

Congrats to these dudes. Great MABRAians who earned the successes with lots of hard work. 


Big weekend for potential droppage in MABRA.

Saturday is Giro di Coppi RR, a prelude to the hillier road races of Page Valley and Lost River. Looks like registration is fair in the lower categories but the real men of the area have yet to sign up. Will Brian "Sandbagger" Sjoberg dust up the 3s or will Paul "i've won this race before" Rades mop up? Of course, there are about 50 other guys that want to be the first to cross the line in front of the church.  That race looks fierce.

Sunday, Mr. Nieters has organized another summer version of the Battle of Bull Run. Facebook details here:  Dombrowski is scheduled to attend and Jim Faber might come out and take photos via moto. That's two steps closer to being pro than you are now.

To celebrate the big weekend, I've ordered a big batch of tee shirts and shipping will remain free. $15.00 shipped. We'll do our best to get them out the door by tonight so you can have for the least have for Lost River and Page.

No shame in the droppage this weekend. The only shame will be not attending and getting it done.