Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fashion Police

More gems sent in by our readers.

Josh Frick strikes a pose at Carl Dolan.

"I can't wait for the rodeo after the bike race"
"This hat, shades, goatee combo doesn't make me look like a serial killer at all"
Enjoy the Silence

Don't ever run your bike to the line. You might get caught on film and be featured on a semi-popular website that exploits misfortunes of others. And...what the hell is the guy in black so happy about? You are in a race riding next to a guy walk running in cleats.


Tomas said...

I think he even got to the finish line before least I was not sprinting for 30th place.

The KLoCycle said...

As relaxed as the cowboy look may seem, his shoulders are not looking too relaxed. Get your shoulders outta your ears and chill, you may find your bike handling skills will improve if you don't look all puckered!

Dan Dinneen said...

I was just overcome with the urge to walk-run my bike that last 75 meters to the finish...hasn't that ever happened to anyone else or am I the only one?