Lost River Part 2

Lost River is a sick race. We give props for anybody who simply pinned a number on. That being said, we have a job to do.

We can always count of good ol Sigberto to supply us with some fodder. Hell, he just calls it like he sees it. No filter on his blog. Why should his photo essay be any different. Here we go.

We are hoping you supply us with the video footage of the drop. That would be totally focused!!

This makes sense to me. If a cyclist is slower, then the ad will be seen for a longer amount of time. How much does this ad cost? 

The mullet. The chest hair. The grimace. We love you. 

Gonzo got Dropped. That is all. 

Nerd's POV - Recumbulators UNITE!!

Have you ever seen these guys trolling down the park or on the bike path and wondered to yourself "do these guys go home and stand up to watch TV?"

We don't know. But this guy took some super sick helmet cam footage of him getting stung by a bee while riding his bike...gangsta lean and all.

Let's analyze the video, shall we?

first 10 seconds we see the following: rear view mirror. riding on left side of path. states he's going 20-25 mph on this thing. EXTREME TRANCE JAN ULRICH TOM BOONEN COKE MUSIC!!

at 23 seconds holmes get stung by a bee and goes crashing into the brush.

The rest of the video is what we crave. SLOW MOTION EXTREME BEE STING REPLAY!!!

Lost River Part 1

OMG! We take off a few days of posting and we receive message after message reminding us of Giro droppage...Lost River droppage...and upcoming Page Valley droppage. We admit, we dropped the ball on this. In our own self defense there was a Golden Girls marathon on Lifestyle this weekend .

Lost River. Where to start? For the novice poster, this may seem like an easy race to call out droppage. But no! Racers are all over the course. In packs. Off the back in packs. Solo off the front. Solo off the back. In bushes. Hiding. Anarchy.

Before we get going on the droppage, we just want to state that Jose Escobar is a baaaad ass. He is dropping dudes like 1/2 a mile back and then grittin at the camera. All hail Jose. I'll take a salty oatmeal cookie while I watch you climb a mountain.

Is this dude seriously wearing compression socks?

You are about to get compressed into the DNF zone.

A blog by no other name.
Nick Versus Gravity is illustrated here.Check out the socks. We believe in the big fella.

What's blue and white and usually crashes in crits?

Easy find here. Moto ref = droppage

Thanks to Linc Brooks for this non copyrighted album. Stay tuned for more Lost River droppage while we dissect another album.

More Video Droppage

Here is a race video sent in by a reader who has embraced the drop. As it should be. Let this be a lesson to all you Cat 4s who like to take those inside lines in the corners. Imminent droppage will occur.

I Got Dropped: Cat 4 Lower Providence (4/10/10) from Bikelink on Vimeo.

Anatomy of a Drop

We love these helmet cams. Thank God some people have the balls to post when the race goes pear shaped.

via DCupps at the Iron Hill Twilight Cat 3 Crit. This is what getting dropped is all about.

Iron Hill Cat 3 Crit (by DCupps) from Bikelink on Vimeo.

Once upon a time...

...there were patrons who would fall down, get back up, cut through mountain switchbacks to avoid conflict, and have the respect of the field to wait for him if shit did go down. Not so much anymore. There is no joy in Mudville.

Josh Flexman...Get Yo Ass Upgraded

Just off the top of our heads..here is the palmeres of Josh Flexman this year. We are probably missing a few due to laziness of actually looking at USA Cycling.  

Tysons 123 - 3rd
Kelly Cup - 1st
Crystal Cup 3/4 - 1st
Fourth of July Race - 1st
Hagerstown Crit Champs 1st

Basically, anything that ends in a sprint, this dude propels faster than anybody else.

What's the Fourth of July Criterium? We don't know but it's in Davis, California. That's far. Flex went out there and pummeled the pretty cali boys, got on his private jet, then did it here locally.

By the way, we got some good photos from this Davis event. Flexman Zabeled this dude!!!

Tour de You Got Dropped

We are tinkering around with sponsoring a local team next year but who would it be? If we sponsored a team, does that mean we would have to promote a race? It couldn't since a few 'elite' teams don't do any of that. 

.A picture says a thousand words...but it's more fun to put a few together and make our own race. Ladies and  gentleman, the first Tour de YGD. 

The racers all gathered in the parking lot before the race to get prepared

Soon after, the pack rolled out. As always, there are always a couple guys who try to animate the race early. 

The race started. Adam from Dominion Cycling drilled it followed by red jersey hairy leg guy wearing workshop glasses. 

The pace was...'screaming'

There was a crash mid-pack. People got horizontal.

There was carnage all around. Chuck Hutch was dropped. He couldn't chase back on.

Spectators were leaving. (we give this lady a solid 7 with Reston standards in mind.)

As always...'things' happen

Strange things happen

 Then Joe Jefferson wore this shirt. Police came and called the shirt a crime scene and blocked the area.

This unnamed racer got off the front. It started snowing and his road bike turned into a mountain bike!

Then the refs soon called one lap to go

Not everybody was in position

and the winner is of the first Tour de You Got Dropped is:

Rider: You Got Dropped
Team: You Got Dropped Cycling presented by You Got Dropped

The Tour de You Got Dropped is Part of the You Got Dropped Cup
Sponsored by You Got Dropped
Yay!! We are awesome and annoying!!!