Monday, July 12, 2010

Josh Flexman...Get Yo Ass Upgraded

Just off the top of our is the palmeres of Josh Flexman this year. We are probably missing a few due to laziness of actually looking at USA Cycling.  

Tysons 123 - 3rd
Kelly Cup - 1st
Crystal Cup 3/4 - 1st
Fourth of July Race - 1st
Hagerstown Crit Champs 1st

Basically, anything that ends in a sprint, this dude propels faster than anybody else.

What's the Fourth of July Criterium? We don't know but it's in Davis, California. That's far. Flex went out there and pummeled the pretty cali boys, got on his private jet, then did it here locally.

By the way, we got some good photos from this Davis event. Flexman Zabeled this dude!!!


Anonymous said...

what that picture doesn't show is the phallous who eliminated half of the bunch with a lap to go!

Anonymous said...

To be fair the last 4 races were in the last month. Josh does have his upgrade request in so its just a matter of time now.

Anonymous said...

i love all of the people in the crowd heckling that dude, especially the "double finger point" guy in blue and the father teaching his son the delicate process of ripping on some dude who just got Zabeled. I hope to teach my son the same some day.