No Pictures...Just Words

The YGD site has been rather quiet lately. Call it burnout. Call it a late season break. Call it whatever you would like. The fact of the matter has been that posts have been down here on the ol' website.


Just like many of you, we have been busy riding, taking vacation, staying off the bike..eating...whatever. We'll be back for cross very soon...and in a good way. So, photographers (and readers), we'll be keeping an eye out for your best droppage photos at the bikes that look like road bike but have knobby tires races. Please keep us in mind when you have that camera out. As always, you can send photos directly to us

Cross is unique in the sense that many people will be experiencing their first races of this discipline ergo MUCHO DROPAGARO! So, racers, keep us in mind while you are tripping over barriers at Charm City or falling into ponds at Ed Sanders Memorial Race. In addition to photos, we want to open our blog up to exploit. celebrate your droppage with words turned into sentences into paragraphs and so on.  We want to hear from you. 

Of course, we want to help support cross and see it grow even more. This year, we'll be pitching in some of our tee shirts and socks for the Ed Sanders race on September 26th. Look for the classic YGD tee on the podium in Juniors races..right Pete Lindeman? And, of course, we'll be celebrating all the unique individuals who do the unique things they do at these unique cross races throughout the year on

We hope to build up YGD Site and community even more. We've heard a lot of great ideas about us doing this or that. Keep them coming. For the time being, we are keeping this organic. We'll be introducing a limited run of embrocation this fall. It will be new. It will be natural. It won't stain your brand new YGD socks. Most of all, it will give your legs the sense of warmth and quickness. If you would like to help distribute this at your cross races, contact us.

Also coming, our YGD Cross tee for everybody to pimp out at the races.

We hope that we can dump some money that we make back into the sport by sponsoring some teams next year with product and maybe even a little dough.

It's been a kick to be part of the cycling community this year, often overhearing guys and gals from all categories talking about not being featured on yougotdropped and so forth. If you were featured on our site this year, thanks for having a great sense of humor. That's what this website is supposed to be all about.