Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scenes from a 40K

Church Creek Time Trial #2 by ABRT part of the MATTCup presented by...whatever. 

Normally, TTs are tough for us to get a sense of droppage. However, Something must have been in the air last weekend. Did you all see Pete Custor's result? Strange things are happening at the Circle K. We miss Kyle at the events but his wife shows up in her daisy dukes and take good photos. 

One of these three is getting dropped here. 

It CAN'T be the Mayor of Hains Point, can it? 

Reader submission. Mad props to this dude. Check the bike out. Wouldn't you take off the bar ends though?

Worst. Aero. Position. Ever.

"how long does 40K take? It's hot as balls out here."

There is a nasty rumor that Chuck Hutch eats puppies for pre-race meals. Can anybody vouch for the whereabouts of this puppy?


The Jerkbeast said...

Well, this might be epic if the photos weren't from the Time Trial back in June...

Slow droppage weekend?

dropped said...

Thinking of giving up this show. We are buying chickens and moving to the raw talent ranch for the winter. living off eggs and bartering with the locals for Endurox.

TerribleTerry said...

buy some corn too....the bugs will be gone soon.

Anonymous said...

somebody please ask chuck hutch how he shaved a minute off his june CC time! thats an incredible feat if you stand back and really think about it. a whole minute with pretty much the same set up. he should write an ebook on training. id buy it.

Mimi said...

That was our little Boomer (the puppy) back in June. He now weighs in at 75lbs. Chuck must have found a different pup to chow down on before his TT