Tour de You Got Dropped

We are tinkering around with sponsoring a local team next year but who would it be? If we sponsored a team, does that mean we would have to promote a race? It couldn't since a few 'elite' teams don't do any of that. 

.A picture says a thousand words...but it's more fun to put a few together and make our own race. Ladies and  gentleman, the first Tour de YGD. 

The racers all gathered in the parking lot before the race to get prepared

Soon after, the pack rolled out. As always, there are always a couple guys who try to animate the race early. 

The race started. Adam from Dominion Cycling drilled it followed by red jersey hairy leg guy wearing workshop glasses. 

The pace was...'screaming'

There was a crash mid-pack. People got horizontal.

There was carnage all around. Chuck Hutch was dropped. He couldn't chase back on.

Spectators were leaving. (we give this lady a solid 7 with Reston standards in mind.)

As always...'things' happen

Strange things happen

 Then Joe Jefferson wore this shirt. Police came and called the shirt a crime scene and blocked the area.

This unnamed racer got off the front. It started snowing and his road bike turned into a mountain bike!

Then the refs soon called one lap to go

Not everybody was in position

and the winner is of the first Tour de You Got Dropped is:

Rider: You Got Dropped
Team: You Got Dropped Cycling presented by You Got Dropped

The Tour de You Got Dropped is Part of the You Got Dropped Cup
Sponsored by You Got Dropped
Yay!! We are awesome and annoying!!!