'eight' plus 'two' - we get it now.

Hi there. This photo is of Eightplustwo.com. We like his blog. He likes ours. He seems like a nice guy. He spent his hard earned cash on a tee shirt. Thanks for the love. 

We love photos. We love this photo. It is sent in from  Cycling Captured.  A few observations.

- the shorts. 
- the tattoo
- the size of the shirt (showing off the guns and the tat. FLEX TIME!!)
- the smirk
- the placement of hand appears he is holding his junk (is that the' plus two' he references). Is the eight something 'else' than hours worked per day. If so... Kudos.


It's been busy at YGD HQ lately. However, our muse has been on strike. We left it up to a reader submission today. The original YGD trike sighting?

Viva Fuentes!

We are hoping The Mexicutioner mends quickly. Get well. 

Sock Sightings - Too Hot Fuentes

Congrats to Dave Fuentes for a 2nd place at Clarendon Cup US Air Force Classic by Northrup Grumman formally the CSC Invitational presented by Comcast which replaced The Washington Times Capitol Criterium that used to go on Virginia Avenue.

anyway, homie wearing our socks yo!

Caption Contests - All Week Long

The pros were in town. Even they get dropped during hot, fast action.

Reader Submission - The North Face, eh

When we first started this thing, it was just a little blog to lighten up the mood of our local racing scene. We picked on a few guys a bit too much. We made enemies. We made friends. We made some laugh. We made some roll their eyes. 

Even though we hang onto our core values, YGD has evolved quite a bit. We've been pimping gear like socks and tees for a few months now and always get a kick when somebody from Japan or Canada send in an order. Think of it, some touc wearing, maple syrup drinking canuck from Toronto is going to be rocking some YGD socks this weekend in their office park igloo races. 

We digress. We also have a little email button at the top where we ask our readers to send in photos and occasionally we get a submission from out of the area. The power of the interweb!! These could be photos they took of others getting the drop or it could be a photo of them getting the drop. Friday's submission came from a reader in the Yukon Territory. We had to look up where that was. We've mapped it out for all the geographically challenged.

So thanks to our reader from the great white north for sending in one of the most scenic photos we've had on YGD. As he puts it "That black dot in the background is me, getting dropped on the first (and only) climb in this race."

So, Anthony from Yukon Territory, YOU GOT DROPPED

You Got Fanged!!

Harry Fang has been out on the streets with his point and shoot. He's getting better. Bike racers are now in focus rather than the trees and buildings in the background. He also has developed an eye for droppage as displayed at one of the easiest races on the MABRA calendar. 

Ride Sally Ride this past weekend was a 3 corner course with wide open lanes and no elevation. You could ride a lazy boy in this race and still finish. There were some Cat 4s who proved us wrong. How does this even happen?


Many have been asking. We've been listening. Then waiting. Then waiting. Then waiting some more. Now, they are here, ready for your feet. Ready for you to do some smacktalking of your own. 

Socks are on sale over to the right. Over there ----->>>

These are euro style, from our friends at DeFeet. They are also made from CoolMax Eco, a material developed from recycled water bottles.  

White socks will give you a four inch cuff while the black take it up a notch to 5 inches. Why not?

We put the classic trike logo on the front of the cuff and the initials "YGD" horizontally down the back, right along the Achilles. 

Team pricing available.


"yo whadya lookin at, bucco? You like my shirt? I think it goes good with the gold chain and my jersey attitude. Heyyyyy! Racin' was good this weekend but I didn't come up with any scharole. Notagot. You seen The Situation around? We are supposed get some ganouls after this thing."

Relax..I'm just bustin balls, eh?

Ray Ray

smile for the birdie...
...You Got Dropped. Bike Jam photo courtesy of Jim "I spawn fast kids on bikes and take fantastic photos" Wilson.