Reader Submission - The North Face, eh

When we first started this thing, it was just a little blog to lighten up the mood of our local racing scene. We picked on a few guys a bit too much. We made enemies. We made friends. We made some laugh. We made some roll their eyes. 

Even though we hang onto our core values, YGD has evolved quite a bit. We've been pimping gear like socks and tees for a few months now and always get a kick when somebody from Japan or Canada send in an order. Think of it, some touc wearing, maple syrup drinking canuck from Toronto is going to be rocking some YGD socks this weekend in their office park igloo races. 

We digress. We also have a little email button at the top where we ask our readers to send in photos and occasionally we get a submission from out of the area. The power of the interweb!! These could be photos they took of others getting the drop or it could be a photo of them getting the drop. Friday's submission came from a reader in the Yukon Territory. We had to look up where that was. We've mapped it out for all the geographically challenged.

So thanks to our reader from the great white north for sending in one of the most scenic photos we've had on YGD. As he puts it "That black dot in the background is me, getting dropped on the first (and only) climb in this race."

So, Anthony from Yukon Territory, YOU GOT DROPPED