Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Night Ride - Dike Mavis

there once was a fast guy on a bike
let's call this 'fictitious' person mike
he downgraded to race
so he could try to save face
and now rides like he's on a trike

he went on a tuesday night ride
only so he could show his pride
he lined up with the rest
to show everybody his best
but all he did was GET DROPPED!


chris said...

nice did u see pic of me crashin at sandy springs ga cyclingnews.comspeedweek

dropped said...

you mean the one of the jamis rider ready to land right on top of you? it's on our desktop homie!

chris said...

the airborne jamis guy is Frank Travieso...married to Ashley who runs the swagger .com org...I hope his injuries were not as bad as mine...