Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why Mark Cavendish is the Shiznat and MABRA Doesn't Like Racing in May

He has the best victory salutes. After journalists had written him off throughout the spring because of an abscess in one of those pearly whites, our boy wins stage 2 of Tour de Romandie and comes up with this salute. Baller. Better than the DZ Nuts or HTC Salute? Possibly.

We, at YGD, enjoy this confidence.

Meanwhile, American ProTour teams are at Tour of the Gila beating up on each other, USA Cycling is talking about CX Time Trials for qualifiers, and all kinds of fast is going on down south during speedweek.

Perhaps the biggest news of the week is that two local races, Murad Road Race and Bunny Hop have a combined 54 entries for the 'elite' races. Are we missing something? What else is going on this weekend? Is there a Lilith Festival going on that we don't know about? We know there are a handful of guys doing speedweek. Slower people, this is your chance to POUNCE LIKE A NINJA!!

Even the Cat 4 race at Murad still has room in it. This year, Jefferson Cup filled up in 1 minute. It's a wonderful race but it is over 2 hours away. Weather can be iffy at best in late March. Anybody remember the year it got cancelled because of snow? Murad is just down the street for most of MABRA, at least the DC based contingent. It's very similar race as Jeff Cup and the weather is going to be in the 80 degree range. Chances of getting dropped are low. Bunny Hop is well run, you probably won't get dropped, and it's right off the beltway.

MABRA MABRA MABRA...we'll never understand you. Bill 'Lucky' Lueke, send us your graphical analysis of why this is so.


lamb said...

D20 was properly represented at gila by matt cooke and keck baker. who were only 3-5 minutes off the pace. unfortunately all others were off the back big time. nate wilson 24 minutes otb. wow. living the dream must feel like living the nightmare. searching for droppage photos....

Tim Rugg said...

There were a few crashes - 24 minutes otb might be related.

lamb said...

i guess the same thing happen at redlands. not being a dick but maybe being someteen racing against full grown pro men is just a bad idea.

whatever i hope he doesnt take it too hard. cant wait for him to come back to page valley this year and smak two buck chuck upside his head.

chuck hutch said...

Hey, I am a lot less than two bucks.

Greg said...

redlands: kinda hard to compete against ppl who have been training in AZ and TX while you're in college in CO.

gila: might have been caught behind a pack split because of the crosswinds, which apparently were pretty strong yesterday. Sue Hefler blogged about it.

Greg said...

and I think everyone is going to Turkey Hill on Saturday.

lamb said...

wine bar sponsor.. two buck chuck..ok maybe its not that funny. bet eli would think it was funny.
baaaaa the lamb thinks its funny.
oh btw since i have your attention wtf were u thinking stealing that jersey from the boy? that shit would have made his year, rolling into CO the MABRA champ etc..harsh brother harsh. i know the animal takes over and no gifts etc but seriously that would have been an awesome gift. so awesome the karma gods might have dropped a suit case full of cash on your car later that day. instead it fell on my car. aww yeah... so now im writing this drivel from my yacht while mad bishes rub oil on my tired legs as i contemplate which wine to drink this evening. definitely not going to be charles shaw. u mean old man..baaaaa

chuck hutch said...

I can see making a deal during a stage race for the win or something similar but that wasn't the case, so why would Nate want someone to just give it to him? He's a man, and that would have been an insult. I doubt you could understand that concept because you post anonymous.

Avery Wilson said...

every day is a different day
in yesterday stage 2 nathan was only 3 minutes off the leaders, after chasing back on from a crash that put him in the emergency room afterwards
but keck Baker was 15 minutes down
blair was 36 minutes down but he had bad luck also yesterday

the results sheet is only a snapshot of the race

Avery Wilson said...

also nathan did great at redlands
In the prologue he beat over half the field racing on a road bike with his training wheels and no aero gear while most people were on full time trial setups
he did well in the road race the next day riding good position the whole time but he missed a lot of feeds and it is a four hour race
He was riding well in the crit but caught behind two crashes and the second one was after the free lap so he had to try and chase back on. So he chased back on during the last five laps of an nrc crit and then found Alister who was 14th on gc for his team and helped him get back towards the front because the group was splitting all over then he rode the last lap easy but it was still a good result because most people didn't even finish the crit
the final road race he did great... only 20 people made the time cut to get into the final circuits. What more do you want from him?