District Cycling Droppage - AA Style

Hey, isn't that the guy from The Discovery Channel show? He's getting his drop on like he was an anvil. Well, if you didn't know, he's now a part of a two man crew over at the District Cycling Podcast. He knows this is coming.. We love them. They love us. Let's get married...or at least spoon.

(Adam..have a seat).

At this point, Adam is thinking...

"I'll ride one more lap before I get caught on camera"

"Grrrrrr.. Livin' the dream man..livin' the dream but first...MUST. GET. OVER. HILL."

Insert caption here..PLEASE!!

Thanks to the one and only Harry Fang who brought out his new digital camera and took great spy shots for us. Make sure you point at the people riding bikes next week and not the trees!