Fabian Dropalerra

There we were, at YGD World Headquarters with 'borrowed' 62 inch flat screen we just 'purchased' at Best Buy so we could watch Paris Roubaix on the ultimate TV. Beer in hand. Waffles in the kitchen. Significant others sent on errands.

The stage was already set. Tomeke v Sparticus. Tornado Tom v. Fabulous Cancellara . Who will win? Will a fattened up Leaf Hoste take charge? Will this be Hincapie's year? Will Paul Sherwen stop quoting Sean Kelley?

Paris Roubaix is always off the hook. Every single year. However, this year brought an even sharper edge.

None of this mattered. Sparticus had his own plans. Much like Chuck Hutchenson in every geriatric classed race in MABRA, Sparticus was on a different level than the rest of the field. The cobbles screamed mercy on Sunday with 48km to go.
"Boonan, we have a problem"