Coming to America...To Get Dropped!!

Every so often a gem pops into the email basket here at YGD HQ. Frequent EuroNeoPro/MABRA visitor Sim Green has done guest stints for Haymarket, NCVC, and others for local MABRA races normally sporting his euro pro shorts and tall skinny pale frame.

Many of us quiver at the thought of going up against somebody who has been competing across the pond all season long. The truth is he's hates racing in the states, particularly crits. Sim is humble enough to send us his own 'I got dropped' photo along with a laundry list of excuses with his British twang. So, Sim, your wish has been granted. You Got Dropped!

I got dropped!

I think this blog is a load of fun! Although this droppage pic of me getting dropped good and proper is a little old, I’m sending it in in the hope of making YouGotDropped headlines for my 2 seconds of fame! I love the light hearted approach of YouGotDropped, and I love taking the piss out of situations and people. I figure, if you can’t take the piss out of yourself; 1) you can’t justify taking the piss out of others, and 2) where’s the fun in life?

So I thought I’d send in this pic of last year’s Tour of Ephrata Crit with my own caption/explanation.

As anyone who knows me knows, I can’t ride a crit to save my life. I hate them with a vengeance. Luckily for me, stage races are not allowed to include crits in most countries but the US.

At the 2009 Tour of Ephrata I was guest riding for NCVC. I was dangling off the back of the crit all day long (well not really all day, it was only about an hour long in total anyway). I was suffering like a dog, hanging on for dear life, picking bar tape out of my teeth. Thankfully someone was there to take photographic evidence of my talented crit suckage!

My excuse is this. I didn’t know I was going to be doing Ephrata until a couple days before the start. I had raced the Tour of the Battenkill the previous weekend and had kept riding with some fairly big miles all week. So I showed up to Ephrata pretty buggered. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Of course the truth is that I just plain suck!

Apologies to NCVC for the disgrace of their jersey, and at the same time, thank you to NCVC for having me for Ephrata!