Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things to Avoid

These kits

These Legwarmers

One armwarmer (and getting dropped)

Jump high-fiving

Crashing on your jawbone.

Eds. note: Hoping that #447 ended up ok. That doesn't look good at all. All we can say as words of encouragement is that Jens Voigt, who landed on his face in the Tour de France last year after climbing his ass off for over an hour, is currently crushing it at Paris Nice.

Thanks to Kevin Dillard at for some of these photos.


Robert said...

Here are some observations although I can offer no photographic proof:
1) Covering one's self with aluminum foil to deflect the TX sun! Early 1980's TX Districts.
2) Putting a Walkman and 2 speakers in your jersey pockets in a team time trial and playing Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA! My teammate! LMAO
3) Wearing an Aero helmet in a criterium,time trialing off the front from the start, and winning! Me! :-)
4) Hiding behind a dumpster on the back side of the course and jumping back into the race! My teammate!
5) Borrowing someone else's race number to race! Multiple teammates!
6) Chasing 15 miles to get back to the group only to get dropped on the last climb of the day! Me!
7) Losing your entire support crew (because they got bored) in the feed zone at the national elite RR! Boy did I bonk with nothing to eat or drink after 80 miles!
8) Loosing my rear brake in a crash in a criterium and after the race was restarted went off the front so I didn't (couldn't) brake through the corners.
9) Getting dropped in multiple races and the officials prolonging my agony because I was in the money! OTB is kind of like soloing off the front in this case!
10) And my favorite! Wearing a jersey with the words "This Space for Sale" because our team did not have a sponsor at the beginning of the season! How embarrassing!

Robert said...

I'm just waiting for an old photo of me to show up here! :)

GamJams said...

In defense of the GJ warmers - they look better with the GJ jersey. But yeah, I see what you mean when they're paired with a different kit. (Notice how they're on the front though.)

Scott T. said...

dude in Black right behind 447 seems completely oblivious to the fact that he's about to go endo over 447; guy in Yellow 2 back at least seems to see that 447 is down in front of him and will require immediate evasive maneuvers.

Jones said...

Anyone know what the cause might have been for the "jawbone crash"? I was in that race. My sprint is a work in progress. The crash was ahead of me. The photographer seems like he/she is too close to riders.