Getting Dropped by Google

We have noticed, while out on the streets, that some cyclists might have a bad perception of YouGotDropped. They might think we are malicious, smug, and just plain mean. We want to point out that we are all of those things. But we also have a good side. Take note. We are offering you a public service announcement for free. Before District Cycling. Before GamJams. Before VeloNation. We are on top of our shit.

Google has added bicycle directions to Google Maps. Now you can figure out how to get from point A to point B while you are trying to figure out where your local Starbucks is. We bet all you Iphone nerds can probably make it all happen on your Iphone then show all your friends your route in a boring social situation.

So sorry MapMyRide. Sorry Bilenky. The Eddy Mercx of Silicon Valley just threw it in the big chain ring and the hill is going up. Prepare for ultimate droppage.

Oh..speaking of District Cycling, there he is at Tour of Washington Crit last year making that corner look not so lonely.