All Headphone Ride This Weekend

Dear DC Area Bicycle Riders,

You Got Dropped will host the 1st Annual 'All Headphones Ride' this weekend. All are welcome to meet at Candy Cane City in Rock Creek Park at 10AM on Saturday and join in the ride. Please wear your headphones. Before the ride, you can send one last text message before the next red light as well. We will play a Puddle of Mudd song to get the ride stared on the organizers bluetooth speakerbox.

"We thought organizing a group ride ONLY allowing people to ride with their headphones in and listening to horrible electronic music would help promote the use of Strava in the area," said Steve Soresonboners, the original poster on the MABRA listserve who has since just changed his name to 'Steve'.

Highlights of the ride will be not talking to each other, going for Strava segments that are within the first 15 minutes of the ride, going for Strava segments that are between stoplights, going for any Strava segments and looking over everybody's sock game.

There will be no cost to the ride but donations are welcome. All proceeds go to the Headphone Fund. Leave no ear unbudded.