Tuesday Multimedia Link Dump

I'm gonna try and give the people what they want. Photos and videos from this past weekend's races. If you have or know of anything, email us at yougotdropped@gmail.com

Melford Circuit Race
Wheelistic Photography was at Melford Circuit Race

#colinmustmove up also has a rear view cam of the 3/4 race there too.  Go to 36:45 and watch the Artemis rider move the rider in black a nudge touching him on the arm and from behind. Not cool man. Lower body only if you need to do that, please.

Kent L. has a different perspective of the same race

Page Valley Stage Race
hemhauserphotography was taking photos at the Page Valley Stage Race Criterium

You can also go to the Page Valley Stage Race Facebook page and see hundreds of great photos on there. ...like this one...which is awesome. This guy is awesome.  The thunderdome awaits!!

FairHill Mountain Bike Race
Todd Bickling did a bike race off road at FairHill