Clarendon Crystal Force Classic Cup Weekend!


Just get through one more day of the grind then it's the weekend and oh what a weekend it will be. It looks like that maybe Tropical Storm Andrea is going to be out of our way by Saturday morning and then all you MABRA folk are in for a treat..A BIKE RACING TREAT!! YAAAAY!!!

Saturday is Clarendon Cup/Air Force Classic/CSC Grand Prix/Capital Cup/United Health Care BOO BOO TRaiN Day! Before the big boys go off at noon, there are plenty of droppage opportunities for MABRAians starting with the Masters 35 race at...wait for it...EIGHT MO FUGGIN O'CLOCK in the morning! Sheeet, YGD aint got time for that!

Sunday is the Crystal Cup in Crystal City. More of the same but if you are a Cat 4, this is your chance to get dropped in a Cat 3/4 race with over 100 dudes in front of a lot of people. Invite your mom! There probably won't be any crashes either.

I always like to check out the women's racing. They are damn fast and super aggressive. There have been a few occasions with big time races this year that prize lists were kind of lame and some even cancelled events. That sucks. These races are bomb though. The promoter does a pretty good job with prize money (it's about 1/2 of the men) and schedules the women in some prime timing spots.

I'm hoping Saturday and Sunday will feature the United Health Care Team who has been the boss of the NCC this year. Local dudes will be participating. Go check out Rugg, Novak, Baker, Olsen, Bozak McKinney, Frederick, Barrie, Nieters, DAlba, Giles, Warno, Warner, Mauch, Escobar, Gottlieb and Lind fight it out amongst the guys that get paid to do this. That's quite a list of local talent right there. Good luck to all of them.

Can any of them pull off a similar move that The Muscle did in 2008 when he got into THE break with big Maggie Backstedt?  (I wiki'ed that shit for all you youngsters).

Of course, Rob Layborn, the promoter of the Air Force Cycling Classic hooked it up with some Cat 2/3 racing for the weekend, a perfect opportunity for UPGRAYED POINTS!! USA Cycling has done it's best to rip off has has developed a race predictor of its own. So Mark Hyatt, if you don't win both days, consider yourself defeated.

That is all for now. Stay upright this weekend.