Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Anatomy of Droppage...They gave YGD the one two skidoo!

I was going to make this into a gif but the more YGD command center debated we thought it was important to provide the user with top notch scene by scene droppage. We are only speculating here, but we think the rider whom posted these photos on the #MANBRA listserve is also our featured star for the day. Well done.

Before the race. Staging in the back of a 100 person field. Mistake Numero 1(red helmet with green kit also a mistake but whatevs!)

First lap in. Still in the field but wayyyyy back there. Remember these words #colinmustmoveup 

3rd lap in. This isn't looking good. Bruno Neto in the background looks lost. Sunny Gill looks like Captain America. 

Lengerman looking creepy behind the bushes. Our dude looking dropped...

Back in the MIX!!

Hot chick or something?

Oh NOS!!! OTF?

Oh wait...it's a different dudE!!?? 



cjones1miami said...

As the rider in photo, I would like to state that there was no droppage here, finished with the main pack in 29th (7th of cat 4s).

The helmet does not match the kit but does match the bike - so I'm good.


i love me some R1V said...

When you are as good looking as that guy, you can do whatever you want.

dropped said...

We were thinking that there was a mid-race helmet exchange.