Best of far

I admit it. I've slacked BIG TIME on this blog. Partly because facebook and twitter are taking over but also partly because ol' YGD been a busy guy. With all my own training to avoid droppage, beet farming, family stuff and oh yeah..makin' paper, it's hard to find the time to be witty and smug and post on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. But i'm here now!

With the passing of Memorial Day weekend, summer is unofficially here and we are knee deep in MANBRAness which means we are also knee deep in droppage of many flavors.

My usual goto for photo galleries is long past gone and I'm way too lazy to actually search for these myself. So the timing is right for a new MABRAcentric wabsite to show up on the interwebbings to help assist me in my daily scouring of droppage.  I also occasionally check my facebook page and all my 1,500 friends for stuff so please post, tag, friend, if you have something that the rest of the world needs to see. we no order are some of the better droppage shots of 2013. If I'm missing anything, post on facebook and tag or just send to me at

A Sasquatch won Black Hills Circuit Race

There was a stage race

You know you don't have to do that. We now have the technology to avoid looking like a Fred.

The Turkey Hill sprint is always good for a crash shot

Guess what race this is from?

Or this?

This happened at BikeJam to the surprise of no one.

Cat 3 crash at Bike Jam. (Photo by Lesley Olson)

And there was lots of droppage last weekend at Mountain Massacree and Tour of Tucker County but I call truce on those races as getting dropped out there is serious points.

More to come...I half pinkie swear.