Ol' YGD has been hitting the local group ride hammerfest on the weekends after a Fall and Winter of hibernative and alcoholic qualities. Every year I swear that I won't pack on this many lbs over the course of the off-season. I'll ride my bike and keep that 'top-end' in some form to as where I won't feel like I just started riding all over again. But you know what? Not riding a bike is sometimes just as much damn fun as riding one.

I pledge to stay in some decent shape anyway. Well, that's what I say..but then reality bites and even YGD sees the group ride pedaling away what seems effortlessly while I struggle to get over the next hill.

So now it's end of January. Races are going to start happening in a couple months. It's time to get serious and hit some intervals on the trainer. Then the legs feel just like they did this weekend? Like bricks:

To all the winter all stars out there; YGD has respeck for you, especially if your star is shining bright in May as well. To those that haven't been putting their time in, YGD will be looking for ya in the photoblogs and trying to make everybody as famous as they can be for 2013. Happy riding brickhouses!