Douchebag of the Week

It's been a long time since we had a 'douchebag of the week.' We'll probably have more as the Tour de France unfolds and new doping allegations come forth. Don't even get us started on Ricco right now. Another level.

The MABRA list had a golden nugget of douchebaggery. Dan posts:

Are there any steps that can be taken when a race-promoter does not provide the results to USA cycling and does not respond to emails asking why not?
It sucks to pay money for race registration, finish well and not have the results acknowledged on USA cycling. 
Anyone have any luck contacting USA cycling in these situations?
The race in question was the Bryan Park Circuit Race on Saturday June 16th.


Rather than complaining about your results you should be kissing the feet of the promoter, the usacycling officials and me for making local cycling awesome. The promoter is probably busy with his day-job, maybe his family, and other things that aren't related to cycling. YGD agrees that it is awesome to have results posted on USA Cycling the evening or day after the race but it shouldn't be expected. Have you ever tried to submit a spreadsheet to USA Cycling after a race. It's rocket surgery.  Most promoters aren't doing this full-time and it's basically a volunteer gig that MIGHT put some funds in their team's coffers. Get over it and buy a t shirt from us...we have them in pink now.  Also, triple spaced on your rebuttal. Well done. 

Reality Check of the Day - You Aren't As Bad Ass as This Guy

See this guy? 

In my opinion, he's a card-carrying member bad-ass. I don't know if he's dropped those guys behind him or what...but he's certainly riding over some terrain and  they are pushing their bike up. If anybody has an ID on the race and, most importantly, this big fella's name, it would be appreciated. 

Also, I'm never going to complain about one-legged iso driills ever again. BAD ASS I SAID!!


U23 USA Crit Championship - The worst kind of drop

This is just hard to look at.  To quote the Cuban Missle Ivan Dominguez's facebook post on the subject "Under 23 Criterium National, this is what happen when you put your hands up way to early, brother at this level of racing you only do that after the finish, I'm sure some people where in pain just by looking at this."


Ok party people..It's June 21st. The summer soltice. THE longest day of the year. By now, even the gingerist of cyclists have had the opportunity to get their cycling tan on. WE want to see your cycling tan. Free pint glass goes out to the winner. Here the rules:

  • You send me your pics to
  • I'm gonna post up all the pictures you send
  • You gotta identify yourself.  (don't be shy)
  • I'll set up a good ol' fashioned YGD poll on who has the best darn tanlines in MABRA and let the people vote. 
  • I'll announce the deadline once I get a sense of entries and my motivation to continue.
  • I'll then announce the winner and send them a pint glass via USPS. 
  • Extra points for watch and glove tanlines. 
  • If you are freckly or have red hair AND have awesome tanlines, you might have this locked up.

Motivational Photo of the Day

Leonardtown Crit.  . These are the things that should motivate us.

Sure, it's awesome to stare at victory salutes from pros in Europe for inspiration. However, you must take that first step.

Over the winter, next time you all want to skip the 4 hour training ride when it's cold and raining, remember the 2 hour drive to Leonardtown for 20 minutes of racing.