First Drop of 2012!!!!

OMG! I'm so excited. Almost...giddy.
 A fan recently posted on facebook pictures of the Snowcone race on the facebook with the first droppage of the season. They even tagged You Got Dropped (thanks). Looks like Dan King is off the front (again) with the grouppo compacto. Even with the groupo compacto AND what looks to be a flat course, there is a victim of the drop in the background ! 


Remember kids. Only YOU can prevent droppage. Do threshold intervals at least once a week and jump on a group ride every now and then to lessen your chances of ultra bouts of droppage. Also, stay away from the leftover Russel Stovers.'s hump day. Here you go!

Now Jan got the Ban

 Jan Ulrich received a retroactive ban and was stripped of a TDF podium. This is SO GOOD FOR CYCLING!!

I can't argue though..he was looking a little different during his last TDF effort. Here is the not so famous picture of Jan after that infamous warmup session in the bike shop.
Also, this picture has something to do with Tom Boonen. Belgium is a great great place.

Season is right around the corner. Droppage soon. Oh yes...the droppage.

I'm Doing Something Wrong

This is a far cry from my Service Course. Pedlnaround's HumpDay for life!!!

More Trials on Road Bikes

If you see any of similar equipment on ebay in the next couple weeks, I'd take a pass!!

Finger Bang - This weekend in doping news

In case you haven't heard, Alberto got the shaft. The old 'clenbuterol in my Spanish steak' argument didn't hold for the Finger Banger and his results from 2010 on have been revoked. 

So now Andy Schleck will be elevated, 2 years later as Tour de France champion. Hooray!

The Friday prior, Lance Armstrong got the W from the feds on his case, mainly because Armstrong has some excellent lawyers. I don't care what anybody says. Does this look like the face of somebody who would take drugs?

Whatever these guys have done..or not's always a good reminder that Finger Bang is an excellent song and super catchy. 

Straight Outta Bike Friday

Several years ago, I did the 7AM Group Ride from Rock Creek Park. As many of you know, it's a spirited ride and getting dropped is often a possibility for even a strong rider. A guy, who is on travel, rolls up on a Bike Friday. He gets up all the hills with the front group and even mixed it up in the sprint finish. Impressive.

I hadn't thought about that fellow for awhile...until now. Some young whipper snappers took some travel bikes and got their BMX on...all for the sheer joy of getting stupid. I'm debating what's more impressive. I'm sure both parties had equal stoke. Happy Friday, bisshes!!

Happy Friday!!