Lance Armstrong's ID

Now that the blueprint for cheating and doping is out there, I am begging all competitive cyclists to not use the methods described in Tyler Hamilton's book, the USADA transcripts, or any of the various media outlets you have read; certainly not the latest issue of Cracked.

I'm not joking. There will be more local drug usage this year in USA Cycling than ever before if testing on the local level isn't implemented.

I once gave Floyd Landis the distinction of Douchebag of the Week. While setting up the Floyd Fairness Fund was pretty douchey, I do have to give the guy credit for being one crazy motherfucker with Twitter and the general media.  Lance Camp's mishandling of Floyd was the start of public accusations from American cyclists, Tour de France riders, Tour champions, not Greg Lemond,?  people. What I really care about is who is the funniest. When it comes down to him and Armstrong with who has the best Twitter account(s) Floyd rules the roost.

People have been asking me to do a post on the Lance Armstrong/USADA thing for a long time. I've been reluctant because I (even me) doesn't see the humor in the effect this has had on the sport I love. Besides, making fun of this situation is too easy and I want to be done with it all. Let's move on and let this whole saga continue to write itself.  Lance Armstrong is having everything he worked hard cheated for taken away from him. (Expect some sick deals on Oakley Jawbones in yellow and black on ebay soon). People who generally aren't interested in cycling consider him a cheater. This all works for me.

Now..the biggest name in our cycling generation is getting dropped. Not by others on the road but by those that have supported him over the years. His former teammates and competitors have spoken out against him. Now, his sponsors are dropping left and right and estimates are saying that he will loose up to $30 million. That also kind of works for me.

He has stepped down as chair of his Livestrong organization. This leads me to question WHY his sponsors are sticking with Livestrong? I believe that some additional details will surface that will show that Armstrong was using Livestrong to not only cover up his guilty conscious and have the foundation serve as a mechanism to point to every single time he got accused (how many times have we heard "I'm not going to abandon the millions of cancer survivors...."), but we have to question if Livestrong may have served as a financial distributor to doping legal costs or even doping itself. Just sayin'.

There are other great cancer organizations to donate to. I urge those companies to donate to those organizations rather than Livestrong. I know I will until I hear Lance say this:

Lance Armstrong