Ok party people..It's June 21st. The summer soltice. THE longest day of the year. By now, even the gingerist of cyclists have had the opportunity to get their cycling tan on. WE want to see your cycling tan. Free pint glass goes out to the winner. Here the rules:

  • You send me your pics to
  • I'm gonna post up all the pictures you send
  • You gotta identify yourself.  (don't be shy)
  • I'll set up a good ol' fashioned YGD poll on who has the best darn tanlines in MABRA and let the people vote. 
  • I'll announce the deadline once I get a sense of entries and my motivation to continue.
  • I'll then announce the winner and send them a pint glass via USPS. 
  • Extra points for watch and glove tanlines. 
  • If you are freckly or have red hair AND have awesome tanlines, you might have this locked up.