Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PSA - Lititz Cat 3 and Cat 4 Crashes - Don't Overcook Corners

First off..hope everybody involved in this crash is ok. From our sources, we heard the initial crashee got taken away to the hospital but can walk and function. We hope this is the case. 

Secondly, HOLY CRAP! This is even making the rounds on non-cycling related websites by NBA features writers. Oh, do non-cyclists love to see us smash ourselves up good. 

Thirdly, don't overcook corners. It's bad for your health. 

Fourthly, the guy screaming to 'go go go go!' after the crash...What up with that? Discuss. 

*Update...The above is the Cat 4 crash. Below is the Cat 3 crash. Damn! You were gonna win bro!


bluehencyclist said...

*This crash is from the Cat 4 race. The guy who was the worst off was walking/talking later, albeit concussed.

The Cat 3 crash is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHwKJyCd1s0

Polar8825 said...

The same thing happened in the Cat 5 race prior to the Cat 4 and Cat 3 races - three races in a row, the leader crashed on the final turn before the finish.

The lead-in to turn 4 was downhill, 30mph, with a slight gutter to run rainwater off the street. During my warm-up laps, I discovered hitting this at speed and not correctly setting up for the turn could cause my rear wheel to skip out a bit. Lesson learned, weight on the outside foot, and air down 5 psi before the start of the race. Notice the hay bales for the Cat 3 race, as well as the corner barriers moved up on the sidewalk instead of on the street? An attempt by USAC to make it a bit more safer.

Great course for the fans, dangerous for the riders.

Anonymous said...

I don't really understand why people were rushing to put the barriers back up, instead of helping the riders. I'm sure they just wanted to help, but...