Anatomy of a Crash - NCVC/Cat 4/CX Style!!

What's upppp party people? It's flipping hump day already and ol' YGD is still shaking off the dust from Poolesville Road Race this past weekend. Luckily, all my fillings remained in tact and my bones are inside skin.  Sorry!

Mr. Guzeit from NCVC was out with a super telephoto lens taking some pictures of the pain. Dudes were breaking off the front, taking lefts when they should have been taking rights, and...crashing into grass..the BEST kind of crash.

Ahhh..yes. Luckily, Guzeit held his finger down on the trigger and captured a whole scene of NCVC Cat 4 riders overcooking a corner and working on their CX skills. Bravo to everybody involved in this. Looks like everybody is ok so here we go.

This is the best one of the bunch. The potential for a mass pile up here is huge. The NCVC rider on the bike narrowly misses the downed bike. The body position of the rider off the bike is right out of Black Swan. Since I can read minds, I know that the spectator/photographer located in this photo is thinking. 'WTF?!!'

Guzeit is now holding down his shutter button. Dreams are coming true for me.  Many people's eyes would be drawn to the riders. However, my trained YGD eyes are focused to look elsewhere. Check out photog/spectator #2 to the right. She's thinking "should i go right? should i got left? should i breakdance?" Whatever she's thinking, it's probably awesome. 

Photog #1 is now at ease of the situation and goes to help. This could have been a big mistake. Meanwhile, spectator #2 decides to bail to her right with what appears to be the dance move The Smurf. ILL! 

GW rider sees this as the perfect place to attack out of the corner for Poolesville crowd glory. I'm also tuned in to the guy in the back right corner HOLDING a camera and NOT taking photos. Come on people!! Why else bring a camera to a race other than to capture winning, droppage, or crashes?

Bike is still on the ground. Rider #2 is somewhere in the grass. Now we see a rider next to a phone poll soaking all of this in. I'm a bit jealous. 

The county should really come cut this grass. 

What is it with Cat 4s sprinting when there is a crash? GW dude is still using throwing down the watts. The reappearance of grassy NCVC rider #2. Crashed NCVC rider decides to casually pick his bike up in the road with one hand. No big deal, bro. 

ACTION SHOT!!! Now the NCVC rider #1 has properly picked up his bike..It's time to run on the road and get a sweet remount.  NCVC rider #2 (grassy mcgrasserton) is still sprinting in the grass looking to reemerge. GW rider is still out of his saddle. New riders emerge in this photo oblivious to this awesome crash.