Public Service Announcement - Pull Out

Folks...if you get dropped in a race where there are 3 races happening simultaneously, consider a DNF...

or something beautiful might happen and be captured on digital film such as this masterpiece below:

Yes..this is the field sprint during the Cat 3/4 race at Jefferson Cup. However, the rider in the forefront of the image was in the Masters race.  Not sure if he got dropped or crashed (his shifter is bent), but he sure looks like he's still giving it a go..and even has the where with all to stop his wristwatch across the line. 

Minor issue with this image. This master racer shouldn't be in the image at all. As soon as the moto passed him, GET THE EFF OUT OF THE WAY!! Glad you all pay that USA Cycling insurance fees in your entries. It's for shit like this. Everybody is just lucky that a crash of epic proportions didn't occur. 

Seriously, USA Cycling seems to be getting in the game of making sure people's feelings don't get hurt and letting riders continue on even when they get the Big Dropowski. This isn't Little League where everybody needs to play an inning or two. 

PULL RIDERS!! PLEASE. Furthermore..DON'T SCORE THEM IF THEY DON'T FINISH and nobody will have the incentive to finish a race if they get the ol' drop.