Who Has Been Trainin?

I have. SO....Watch out MABRA!!!

PS..only one more day until I can shave off this beard. #movember. 

Ugliest Kit Ever?

Ok...we all know that the HUB Cycling Kits were probably the ugliest kits that MABRA has ever seen. Bega still wears his matching orange crocs at cocktail receptions hosted by CAAWC (courier alumni association world championship organization).

On the pro level, there are so many to choose from. Of course, our favorite is the Footon team from 2010. This is probably the tip of the iceburg. Who else? email yougotdropped@gmail.com or post in comments and we'll have some fun this winter looking at ugly stuff together.

Maybe Cross is King

No doubt Timmy JJ is a pimp but now we have eased into the foray of daddymackness with this groupie pic.  Well done, sir and congrats on your victory at Jingle X. 

While you are here, we got a fresh new batch of YGD tees in for the holidays. Buy one for yourself, your significant other and even yo momma! Over that way --------> Our operators are standing by.