"Cross is so fun!" "Beer me!!" "Belgian stuff. blah blah blah...belgium blah blah blah" "Frites!!!" They are fucking french fries people. 

Dear Cyclocross. Every year you come and go...and every year YGD gets sad. It's hard to tell when people got dropped since 'there are so many races within races happening.' Until now. NOW there is a new bike racer/photographer on the block with a keen sense of drop. He captures the essence of cyclocross, which is crashing and lack of bike handling skills. 

The fact of the matter is that cyclocross sucks the life out of you. You get muddy and your endorphins are pumped full of adrenaline tricking your mind that you had a good time, which you didn't...but you say you did because that's what your friends say. 

There is proof that cross isn't fun here. (I'll be stealing photos from this flickr site all week in case you don't feel like clicking). 

Check out the brand of this dude's bike. "Ironic...table of two, your frites are ready."

Also, why the frick is there a giant pit of eternal damnation on this cross course? 

Lastly, I have a locker room full of t shirts I need to move. Free to anyone who pays $15.00.