Big weekend for potential droppage in MABRA.

Saturday is Giro di Coppi RR, a prelude to the hillier road races of Page Valley and Lost River. Looks like registration is fair in the lower categories but the real men of the area have yet to sign up. Will Brian "Sandbagger" Sjoberg dust up the 3s or will Paul "i've won this race before" Rades mop up? Of course, there are about 50 other guys that want to be the first to cross the line in front of the church.  That race looks fierce.

Sunday, Mr. Nieters has organized another summer version of the Battle of Bull Run. Facebook details here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=139156249497902.  Dombrowski is scheduled to attend and Jim Faber might come out and take photos via moto. That's two steps closer to being pro than you are now.

To celebrate the big weekend, I've ordered a big batch of tee shirts and shipping will remain free. $15.00 shipped. We'll do our best to get them out the door by tonight so you can have for the weekend...at least have for Lost River and Page.

No shame in the droppage this weekend. The only shame will be not attending and getting it done.