A Tribute to Our Photographers, Cycling Fans, and General Drunkenness at Philly

Here's the dealio. Most of the stuff on YGD isn't actually taken by any of our photographers. Sometimes it is but most often than not, it's sent in by our 'fans'. Most of the other other times, we rip it off from what people put on the internet for free for everybody to look at. 

Two AWESOME spots for cycling photos in general are http://www.cyclingcaptured.com/ (Anthony Skorochod) and http://www.joemallis.com/ (Joe Mallis)

Since being super meta is all the rage these days, the pic of the day is one of Joe taken by Anthony wearing our YGD socks. He has a great album on Facebook called "The People that make the Philly Race FUN!". We recommend that you click on that Facebook link and friend Anthony right now. 

No jackassery today. Just giving two of Mid-Atlantic's best cycling photogs a shout-out. Without them, there would be no YGD, which many would probably prefer.